Although I do read for information and knowledge , I’m not a book addict. But There Are 3 “Bibles” Of Must Reads That Inspired Me In Many Ways And They Might Inspire You Also.

“Steve Jobs” – Biography: Richard Borgman, Kim Bos, Bas Roestenberg

In any business you might be in, this book shows you the value of design thinking and how it’s key in any service or product . It also tells a story of how failure leads toward succes!

ISBN: 9789089690609

“The Art Of War, The Ancient Classic” – Sun Tzu: Tom Butler-Bowden

TAO, War, Tactics, .. I’m not aspiring to become a war raging general, but the wisdoms, tactics and insights gathered through ages of experience in this book will help you in many ways such as meetings, conversations, market evaluation, start-up tactics, …. . There is a reason why it’s so widely popular in many branches, businesses, …  through different millennia. Because love is war, war is love and so is business both. This book is a fast read, but don’t be mistaken, you’ll need a lifetime trying to grasp it all.

ISBN: 9780857080097

An  Empty Skechbook

Because in life everyone has to write their own story!