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Hi, I’m Peter Vanagt

13 Years ago, fresh out of art college I started as an independent graphic designer and I founded eyce creative lab. My focus in these early years was entirely on graphic design, in web & print applications. Through these years I had the chance to learn a lot about printing processes and by working along with some talented developers generated a thorough understanding of basic, html, css & jvs. From in school I always had a great passion for good and original advertising, trying to incorporate these techniques into my daily work along all these years felt more & more natural and the right way in order to generate effective products.

In 2006 I was offered a chance to deliver a full campaign for a political party in the local elections, under my management I led a team of designers, photographers and the client to a successfull result, winning back 2 seats which got lost in the 2 earlier elections. Through the following years my passion for effective advertising & marketing evolved and became more and more prominent as I did work for own clients and freelance jobs in advertising agencies serving clients as Coca Cola & Danone on an international level.

In 2012 I was asked by a new player in the energy market on ways to improve their online display campaigns. After a small survey we enhanced the visual style of the displays making them more visual attractive & less textual. Results through A-B testing by the client proved our enhanced campaign was more effective. During the next 1,5 years I was asked to deliver whole quarterly display campaigns in the same visual iconic style, internal communication visuals & to deliver strategies on improving the company’s social audience and their experience. Together with the client’s marketing team we delivered two social media campaigns including printed media & linked to the online display campaigns increasing the audience from nearly non existing ( 300 FB followers ) to an effective 8.000 followers. All in all the online marketing team & the team of animators, designers & copywriters led by me its efforts made this client one of the strongest growers in the market with a staggering 60.000 new electric & gas connections.

In the years to come I kept on serving own clients with art direction & marketing related solutions & worked 1 year as a freelance art director, kicking off & supporting the visual department of one of the leading PR companies in Belgium.

From 2014 tot 2015 I’ve spend one year as a freelance sales executive for the animation division of one of the leading motion agencies in Belgium. During this period I did a lot of research on cold & warm sales techniques, marketing tactics & had an intensive period of many meetings with creative directors, marketing managers in a wide variety of markets. During this period I learned a lot about clients, sales and which tactics to follow in order to grow your market.

In 2015 I worked as a senior concept marketeer within a start-up digital agency, providing art direction for the designer, inspiring clients towards & developing effective online strategies for a wide range of small & big brands with success.

Today I combine all this gathered experience in this new approach under the name of VÄGT in order to provide you with working and effective solutions. Want to know more about my skills or do you have a specific question? Have a look at my personal statistics or drop me a line.

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